About Marthe Esteban : lamarthecouture

Marthe Esteban

Graduated in Fashion Design from Middlesex University in London, very quickly, the London press noticed Marthe Esteban's talent in draping.
In 2001 she opened her own boutique where she sold collections under her own label, “la marthe.” She won several international awards.
For 20 years she combined her label's activity with teaching fashion design, illustration and draping in different schools and universities.

Three persons recognized in the Barcelona fashion's scene give their opinion about Marthe Esteban's design work.

For me, Marthe represents creativity and daring. She has an analytical look that results in a very synthetic, simple but sharp design.
His deisigns are glamorous, I believe they are original because they present novelty in their way of understanding clothing, they do not fall into frivolity, nor into stupidity, they do not fall into a type of immobilist innovation.


Marthe is a Swiss-spanish stylist with British training, therefore there is a strong imprint of Puritan and Protestant roots which ultimately translate into a feminine a little neat and very rigorous style.
In all her collections she always brings something new. She always manages to surprise me. Taking into account the current fashion landscape, this is an aspect that is really appreciated. It's nice to see creators who bring things of their own harvest.
Her clothes always show details that can go unnoticed, unusual shapes of sleeves, a rigorous and complicated architecture that we can compare to that of Balenciaga. Her creations also remind us of Vionnet because they are made by draping, a typical haute couture technique, and Marthe dominates it to perfection to make it her own signature.


Marthe represents the perfect profile of the independent designer who is completely at her ease, who does not allow herself to be influenced by the dictates of fashion, she does absolutely what she feels like. She has a very intimate approach with each piece which makes them unique. She has a very deep relationship with the dress as well as with what she is experiencing in her moment.
It’s a very interesting phenomenon as a creator.