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Extract - Fall Winter 2018-19 collection - “RESONANCE”

This collection is based on a research of new silhouettes by using hyper rigid fabrics but flexible and comfortable at the same time.
An equally important effort is dedicated to the investigation of new finishes.
The work was inspired by Monsieur Balenciaga's cutting approach and is heading towards a new luxurious tailoring.


Extract - Spring Summer 2007 collection - “FULL AUGUST, FULL SUN”

“FULL AUGUST, FULL SUN” is a fresh, cheerful and sexy collection. The clothes are rich in textures and sophisticated in the blend of smooth colors.
The fabrics bring freshness thanks to calm cottons, airy silks and naughty lycras. The atypical textures are inspired by modernist mosaics. Summer presents itself worthy of its time, modern, with frivolous airs and an abundance of freedom.

Artistic direction and photography: Marthe Esteban
Catwalk photography: MID

Extract - Fall Winter 2003-2004 Collection - “ORIGIN”

Prize for the best collection during the “Pasarela ABIERTA” Catwalks, Murcia, Spain.

Inspired by the martial arts, this collection, “ORIGIN”, plays on the contrasts between masculine severity and feminine sensuality.
The fabrics exhibit a desire to return to the origins, to what is pure, to what is raw.
Rustic textures, soft virgin wools and pure cottons allow you to enjoy authentic luxury, without strident or superfluous.

Photopraphy: Biel Sol,

Extract from the parade celebrating the 10th anniversary of “LA MARTHE” 1995-2005 Special guest at the parades of “Pasarela ABIERTA” 2005, Murcia, Spain.

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